Month: September 2019

Hunter’s Dam Buster heroes

BUSTED: The Moehne Dam five hours after the attack. JACK LEGGO
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EVEN in today’s modern aircraft, it would be considered an ambitious plan.

The raid, labelled “Operation Chastise”, called for the crews to bomb from an altitude of 18metres (60feet) and at the exact speed of 354km/h (220miles)

Baird dismisses funds offer on WestConnex

State Treasurer Mike Baird: Said the budget demonstrated the federal government was not serious about the WestConnex motorway.The federal government's promise of money for Sydney's WestConnex motorway in Tuesday's budget has been dismissed by the state government as essentially meaningless.
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The $1.8 billion offer contains conditions that could push

NSW could lose school cash under PM Abbott

"We are certainly making no commitments whatsoever": The federal opposition refuses to commit to NSW's Gonski deal if elected. Photo: Andrew MearesThe federal opposition has refused to commit to allowing NSW to keep funding agreed to under the Gonski deal, a centrepiece of Tuesday's budget, if elected.
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Malaria parasites ‘thrive by talking’

A breakthrough by Neta Regev-Rudzki and Alan Cowman could help develop new antimalarials. Photo: Joe ArmaoScientists have been surprised to learn that malaria parasites ''talk'' to each other. And the chatter is crucial to the parasite's survival and spread in humans.
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The breakthrough by researchers from the Walter and