Month: April 2019

$74m put aside to pay for ‘blatant’ campaigns

"Blatant political campaigns": Prime Minister Julia Gillard with campaigners from 'I Give a Gonski'. Photo: Angela WylieAn extra $74 million will be channelled into federal government advertising campaigns despite the budget's bleak finances.
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The budget papers confirm the new spending includes $21 million to promote the Gonski school reforms,

Baz’s big black jazzy blancmange

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to question Baz Luhrmann’s devotion to his subject. The Great Gatsby - all 150 pages of it - has been consuming the man for a decade. He appears to have gone to some lengths to ensure his lavish interpretation be acknowledged as such.
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Yet this thoroughly

The wrath of Roth: no more Mr Bad Guy

Tim Roth is an utter bastard - the Tim Roth we've come to know on screen, that is. An apprentice assassin in Stephen Frears' The Hit; the squealing, bleeding stuck pig that is Mr Orange in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs; the sadistic dandy Cunningham in his Oscar-nominated role in Rob Roy. The Tim Roth we

Killing time, with a conscience

Jon Bernthal plays an ex-con in Snitch, an ''intense examination of a law that screws people over''. Photo: SuppliedAnyone who knows Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead - in the smash-hit zombie show's first two seasons he was cop Shane, a muscle-bound thug who thought the solution to every problem could be found at the