Month: March 2019

What a picture is worth

As a business journalist, I have endured a mind-numbing array of PowerPoint presentations about everything from banking to Lower Slobbovian hoe-handle production. Slide after boring slide has filled innumerable screens while presenters droned through scripts, most of which we could read on the screen, but didn't.
Nanjing Night Net

I am told

Radios rise and shine

Some years ago, we went looking for bedside radios that looked good and sounded good. Simple? After a couple of weeks, we found just one. It was a Bose Wave and cost $633. So we lowered our sights and wrote about three $50 models that were ugly and sounded like, well, $50.

Fire on the mountain

Marketing gadgets is a tricky business. You can go the Apple way and keep everything a secret until launch day, building up expectation and excitement, or you can follow the Olympus lead and give the world a good look at your new device months before it hits the shops.
Nanjing Night Net

Clicks and tricks: buyer beware

Patriotic exhortations from the ''Buy Australian'' movement notwithstanding, there are many reasons why more of us are shopping online. The strong Australian dollar gives us buying power on overseas sites, many of which offer product selections unmatched in stores close to home, at much lower prices. And the customer service - often indifferent -