A farewell to the baby bonus

Treasurer Wayne Swan delivers his Budget address in the House of Representatives, at Parliament House in Canberra on Tuesday 14 May 2013. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen Then treasurer Peter Costello visiting babies born after he introduced the baby bonus scheme. Photo: Sandy Scheltema
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It's always creepy when Treasurers talk

Pure mastery of the Mike

One-on-one: Gary Ablett jnr discusses his football life with Mike Sheahan.As we have observed here previously, the means and, particularly, the volume of televisual football analysis grows by the season. We have panel shows that replicate, in style if not entertainment value, the old World of Sport. Lounge lizards picking apart the game

Look at moi, again

Kath and Kim are ready to Kountdown. Photo: Roger CumminsFountain Lakes' most famous residents are on the comeback trail. Channel Seven will start screening a series of Kath & Kim specials that, in the style of 20 to 1, will count down the foxy morons' greatest moments on the dance floor, at wedding

Injection of truth into debate

Pointed issue: Jabbed presents the science of child immunisation.At the beginning of Australian science filmmaker Sonya Pemberton's documentary, Jabbed: Love, Fear and Vaccines, a newborn baby coughs relentlessly for what seems like forever, his little body racked with pain, his lungs barely able to draw air between each violent retch. It is a scene

Hunters and collectors

Picky but polite: Lucas Callaghan (left) and Adam McDonald.Adam McDonald and Lucas Callaghan, you're the hosts of Aussie Pickers, a local version of American Pickers. What differentiates your show about sifting through people's collections and buying possibly valuable items for resale from the American one?
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Lucas: We have a

Aussie drama’s home truths

What's missing here? Something significant has shifted on Australian television, but it's been a quiet evolution.
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As the fourth season of Offspring begins on Channel Ten (Wednesday, May 22), obstetrician Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie) is in the first trimester of her pregnancy.

The good doctor is in a state of

Green Guide letters

Action packed: Coverage of Collingwood's tussle with St Kilda was a joke for some. Photo: Sebastian CostanzoLETTER OF THE WEEKLet us watch now, ask the questions later
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Watching Channel Seven's coverage of the Collingwood v St Kilda game, I honestly thought I was watching another reality show.

May the four be with you

There are five planets easily visible to the naked eye, and they have been known since ancient times. Fittingly, nobody knows who discovered them. In the next week or so, four will be visible at one time - three clustered tightly just above north-west horizon and one in the east.
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